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Men: You’re Not Angry, You’re Scared

19 Feb, 2021

Human beings are creatures of emotion. Much of the acts we do in our day-to-day lives pivot around an emotional reaction. As men, we often impair and strain our relationships when we get angry. When this happens it’s often because we have moved from anger into blame, rage and victimhood – not exac…Read More

How Performative Masculinity leads Men to Soul-Death

19 Feb, 2021

The masculine narrative is destroying us.

Most men adopt the traditional masculine narrative that’s been around since the beginning of human evolution. That is to protect, provide and take on the masculine role that society has constructed. There’s a crisis in the exploration of identity…Read More

Men: Why Putting off Growth Work Only Makes Life More Complicated.

09 Feb, 2021

When men feel as though they are headed towards a crisis, or plunging headline into one, we instinctively have the knee-jerk impulse to fix it, numb it, or just get the f out of there– whatever the quickest option is to stop and suppress the issue at hand.

This can work quite well for some time…Read More

What to Do When You Feel Lost

09 Feb, 2021

5 paths to find your way home.

Men have a very tough relationship to the world. We understand what it means to be goal oriented, to penetrate and dominate very well, but when we are not able to succeed using this way of being, we can feel lost, disorientated, and unsure of where to go next. The p…Read More