About Pieter old

Pieter is an incredible facilitator of growth and integration. His insight and guidance encouraged me to ripen into a better version of myself and to show up as a stronger husband and father. Pieter has a unique offering of holding space and helping others cultivate heart, mind, and spirit in an embodied way.

— Noah Goldstein (Heartseed Health, Boulder, Colorado)

My Story

I always knew I was different.

At age 8 I was told I had ADHD and made to swallow stimulants three times a day. It would take me 25 years to fully realize I was never disordered, I was wild, and that was actually a profoundly good thing, not a bad thing.

I grew up amidst massive privilege outside New York City, to divorced parents in a town where appearances were everything and the soul was unheard of. Though I was cared for and deeply loved, I slowly learned to mistrust myself, fear scarcity, conform to (or avoid) authority and organize my inner world around disappointment, if not outright depression and quiet, corporate acquiescence.

Through a major career change, a healing crisis in my late 20s and bouts with depression, misuse of alcohol and pornography, and debilitating inner criticism, I came into contact with the very real ways I was destroying myself and this one, precious life in which I had already glimpsed so much potential. Somehow, through the long, numb periods of quiet desperation and self-sabotage, I held on to a tiny thread of my original essence, my soul.

By the grace of meeting some extraordinary people, the guidance of several powerful dreams, and the help of a few life-changing teachers, I slowly but earnestly committed and re-committed (and re-committed again) to a life in service of that deep, gradually emerging essence that has been with me all along.

My particular journey was woven across a broad curriculum of somatic, relational, spiritual, artistic and commercial modes of inquiry and expression. As a body-based practitioner and leader, I danced in the 5Rhythms and Authentic Movement lineages for a decade, and for several years led (and continue to lead) “movement-based men’s groups” and workshops. Private study with Andrew Marcus and his “School of Disappearance” changed permanently the way I understand my body and the space around me.

In my explorations in nature and soul, I studied with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute, the Wilderness Awareness School’s “Anake Outdoor School,” naturalist training, and for 6 years with Martín Prechtel’s amazing Bolad’s Kitchen. This journey grew me up, grounded my wild heart, and directed my soul toward the numinous, the natural, and the “more-than-human.”

I have led and participated in men’s groups for many years in all kinds of contexts, from men’s dance to men’s council to powerful weekend initiations like the ManKind Project. I continue to spark and lead men’s groups and feel grateful to be a member of a peer-led men’s group of my own.

As an endlessly curious student of the relational I have practiced Non-violent Communication (NVC) for many years along with the transformational Authentic Relating models Circling, TGroup and Matrix Leadership.

In business, I received returns on a number of private investments, and harvested deep learnings from 4 years leadership training at GE and 2 years helping launch Bear Naked granola coast-to-coast.

I received a degree in Management Information Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York in 2000.

Meditation, grief work, dream tracking and daily movement and writing practice have been constant touchstones that have opened doors and illuminated wider lanes of exploration and belonging.

Today, I facilitate soul-directed outcomes for high-performing individuals, groups and organizations with a longing to meaningfully contribute to the awakening planetary moment. I am also a farmer, ceramicist and private pilot. I gratefully live on a farmstead in the Colorado mountains with my dog Gia.