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My Last Facebook Post

23 Mar, 2018

This boy has a beautiful heart. His heart knows how to love.

You could even say his heart /knew/ how to love, even before he was born.

In the other world (the one we live in before we are born into this one), this boy spent all of his time loving things. Rocks, bugs, trees, people. He brea…Read More

Reflections After Depression Post

30 Nov, 2017

I made a really personal post the other day.

One part of me is embarassed about it.

It generated so much care towards me. A lot more than I imagined it would.

I really appreciated this unexpected stream of good will. But I thought the hard part was pressing post.

It turns out, the ha…Read More


29 Nov, 2017


To those of you
Republican and Democrat
Libertarian and Green

Who tell yourselves
It’s OK because with Hillary
We’d already be at war

She is a lot of things
Disingenuous, ambitious
And yes, a woman

But if the bombs fall
On…Read More

Self Knowledge

24 Nov, 2017

The more I step into my power lately, the more I have the experience where I find myself realizing – remembering – seemingly for the 1000th time…

I only ever really learn a lesson or “get over something” once I take complete responsibility for the ways I was off in the situation. Once I am …Read More

That’s How the Light Gets In

20 Sep, 2017

The place we know we are lost or blind is the place we will heal the world through the doorway of our own bitter, lamented poverty, for in that poverty is a kind of blessed innocence and compassion that comes out the other side and into others as divine honey – a sliver of God that pours into re…Read More

Shine light on everything.

27 Jul, 2017

Photo by Robert Bengston + Inspiration Campaign…Read More

The Healthy Masculine

15 Jul, 2017

The healthy masculine creates a container for growth.

The stronger and more clear the container, the wilder and more detailed the flourishing within it.

We are in a time of immense growth (feminine) hence there has never been a more pressing need for the healthy masculine. Not to contain i…Read More

Devotion vs. Enslavement

06 Jun, 2017

Men that are trustable get that service is part of the package of being a man, an adult human. They awake to this (initially) bitter truth, and learn to choose a master, proactively, again and again. In everything they do, they are co-creators: of vision, mission, organization, family or communi…Read More


09 May, 2017

My friend died.

He had been sick for a while, over a year. It was expected, especially of late.

What I didn’t expect was how much I would MISS him.

I have been thinking about him every day. Things occur to me, I’ll see something beautiful, a storm cloud, a moth, a blossom, and I’ll …Read More