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When You’re Scared to Quit Your Job or Your Relationship

24 Mar, 2021

Plenty of us work in careers that look great on paper and yet we feel stuck.There are too many of us trapped in dead end jobs that feel like they should be a good fit but there’s a lingering sense of emptiness and we don’t know why.

We turn up to work each day praying that some amazing opportu…Read More

4 Beliefs That Keep Us From Discovering Our Purpose

24 Mar, 2021

In order to truly live the lives we are meant to live, we must discover our gifts. We are put on this planet to embrace and share our gifts with the world – that is our purpose. The problem is, we are held back by four major limiting beliefs that sabotage our ability to discover our gifts and pursue…Read More

Men: You’re Not Angry, You’re Scared

19 Feb, 2021

Human beings are creatures of emotion. Much of the acts we do in our day-to-day lives pivot around an emotional reaction. As men, we often impair and strain our relationships when we get angry. When this happens it’s often because we have moved from anger into blame, rage and victimhood – not exac…Read More

Boyhood Without Rites of Passage

30 Jan, 2020

“If you don’t initiate the young, they will burn down the village to feel the heat.”
-African Proverb
It was a time of intense contrast.

How to make sense of it all? It was almost like the world was getting bigger and clearer – while at the same time getting harder to understand, with m…Read More

Excuses Are Like Puppies

15 Oct, 2019

“I can’t afford that …”
“I was thinking of going to Thailand this winter, so …”
“I promise I’ll get clear on my commitment after …”
“We’re just slammed at home right now …”
“Sorry I’m late …”
Excuses are like puppies. Totally attention getting, and not very po…Read More

Talk + Workshops in Carbondale

21 Mar, 2019

I gave a talk the other night in the Kiva at True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale, Colorado. It’s sweet for me to feel the relationship with that space and that valley grow. I feel a lovely kind of crush sparking inside me for new people and places, including the Roaring Fork. Even as I can feel…Read More

Following the Soul

01 Jul, 2018

Making sense of it all not analytically, but with a downward opening. Feeling in the dark, the next open room of context that makes sense of all the previous. Mostly just feeling right and most most of all feeling particular and specific. Deeply me, not from a long time ago, but honoring all that…Read More

What is Soul?

28 Apr, 2018

From the Soul-Tree Podcast with Ryan Holsapple

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Last advice I read

04 Apr, 2018

“I remind myself, in order to understand what is happening now, I must be prepared to forget what I have understood before.”
Dhyana KJ…Read More

My Last Facebook Post

23 Mar, 2018

This boy has a beautiful heart. His heart knows how to love.

You could even say his heart /knew/ how to love, even before he was born.

In the other world (the one we live in before we are born into this one), this boy spent all of his time loving things. Rocks, bugs, trees, people. He brea…Read More