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Coaching with Pieter


You know you’re capable of more, but too many choices, fear, and endless inner criticism keeps you stuck. You can’t figure out how to get into the life you want because there doesn’t seem to be a model for it – or a clear map to get there. You can’t imagine what it would look like to feel lit up, engaged, fully expressed, on purpose, challenged and valued.

I will challenge and support you to listen more deeply. Together we will meet the work, in you, and follow it wherever it authentically leads us.

Together we will slow things down, get to the root of the pain, shift belief systems, and engage in the questions that really matter. I will support, facilitate, reflect and celebrate you in seeing your life and your behavior through the lens of proactive, graceful, soul-directed choice.


As our work unfolds, you’ll begin to experience:

  • More capacity to use your body to find, explore and express emotional depth and power
  • Less constraint from voices and loops of inner criticism that have gone quietly unchallenged for decades
  • Greater freedom, depth and mastery around complex and challenging emotional things that previously had been left to rot inside you
  • Profound alignment with the stream of unique consciousness dying to be born through your particular embodiment
  • Connect with a vision for your life that goes beyond what you thought was possible financially, energetically– even cinematically
  • Isolate the few true paths that will make sense of the rest of your life– and have the courage to follow them

In order to pursue a whole-hearted life, we must cultivate the courage and willingness to make choices from our deepest truth.


Coaching Package


$CALL/month for Bi-Weekly calls*

$CALL/month for Weekly calls*

* Stipulations
Minimum 3-month commitment
All fees paid in advance
Sliding scale slots available on first-come, first-serve basis
Payment plans available on first-come, first-serve basis


What does the Package include? 

  • A 90 minute call every week or every two weeks depending on the package you’ve selected. 
  • 1 x 15 minute spot coaching call for every two sessions
  • Access to a secure chat app with 24 hour response time from me
  • Custom homework specifically tailored to the results you want to get 

Pieter is an incredible facilitator of growth and integration. His insight and guidance encouraged me to ripen into a better version of myself and to show up as a stronger husband and father. Pieter has a unique offering of holding space and helping others cultivate heart, mind, and spirit in an embodied way.
– Noah Goldstein (Heartseed Health, Boulder, Colorado)


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About Pieter


Pieter Van Winkle is a leadership coach and men’s group leader. He weaves a depth of compassion, a natural style, and a host of somatic, relational and creative technologies to guide men deeper into their truth, their soul, and their role as fathers, leaders, artists and visionaries — in a time when many people have given up on men.

Pieter spent 8 years in the trenches of the corporate nightmare – as a Fortune 5 corporate trainee, start-up employee, and investor – before embarking on an adventure of soul-centric exploration and discovery. He was, in many ways, “his own first client.”

Pieter resides in Western Colorado on a farmstead home with his wife and child. He is also a farmer, ceramicist, naturalist and pilot.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if we’ll be a good fit? 

The first call (or two) are free. As I say below, my goal is to serve you powerfully, quickly and completely.

My experience is that we are able to tell very quickly if there’s a journey for us to go on together.

If we decide to begin a coaching journey together – and at any time during that period you feel dissatisfied with the work – I’m happy to offer 100% prorated refund of the fees.

Can I contact you in between sessions? 

Yes. I will respond within 24 hours to any communications.

Is this therapy? What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

I am not a psychotherapist, although I have dabbled in many therapeutic modalities.

I am a coach working privately, which is an unregulated field of practice in Colorado.

In coaching, we are working at discovering what you really want, what holds you back from achieving it, including limiting beliefs, structures, inner voices, habits and routines. Coaching is typically a “level up” from therapy in that you are expected to take full responsibility for your own results.

In cases of severe or debilitating trauma or emotional immaturity, professional psychotherapy can be a much more productive path to healing.

You and I will assess in our first contact if coaching is the best fit as the next step in your journey, or if a therapeutic referral might make more sense.

What are your qualifications? What tools, methods or technologies do you use?

My qualification is my journey: the mistakes I’ve made, and the breakthroughs I’ve realized.

If you need a degree or certificate to feel comfortable signing up for coaching, then perhaps I’m not the right coach for you. Zero judgement in that (truly).

That being said, I am trained and certified in Self|Soul|Spirit, the parts-based Gestalt facilitation model developed by Roger T. Strachan, Ph.D.

I’ve completed many other trainings, too numerous to list. Some of the systems/methods I deploy frequently include:

– The Enneagram
– Authentic relating (TGroup, Circling and others)
– Embodiment facilitation
– Active listening, mirroring
– NLP outcome frame
– Curiosity, compassion

Why the 3 month commitment and the pay-in-advance?

So many reasons.

I learned over many years that one-off sessions were a waste of time. It often takes several sessions to find the work together, and I want us to have the freedom to let the process unfold organically.

I also find that many people are not ready for this kind of change. A 3-month commitment, at a minimum, is an effective screen to see if you’re really in.

What is your commitment?

You get my 100% commitment to your soul-directed, choice-based expansion of meaning, belonging and purpose.

I bring my whole self to this work.

I hope for – and expect – the same from my clients.

OK, sounds interesting. But I’m not ready to sign up. What can I do next?

Book a free call using the scheduler below.

I will often have at least two calls with a prospective client before we even discuss the possibility of going on a coaching journey together.

My goal is to serve you powerfully, quickly, and completely. If we can do that in a call or two, I’m a whole-hearted yes to that. If it needs more time, then we’ll look at that together, when the time comes.


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I really feel the wind at my back… I feel safe in myself even when I feel unsafe in my surroundings. I feel as though I am perceiving things more purely- more as they are, not as I believe them to be. I feel more psychologically flexible… More like the man that I wanted to be… I feel connected – to my ancestors, to my heart, to the Mystery, to my goals and vision for my life in this world. I feel even less able to compromise my integrity for the easy way out. I want to be respected by my children, and their children. I love my father. It’s game time.
Alex Antonucci, Therapist