The Work

I was immediately drawn into Pieter's authenticity, candor, and unrehearsed style of being in conversation. He is gifted. He is real. He deftly wields metaphors that tap into deep parts of the soul and create lasting meaning. If you're looking to challenge yourself and grow in vast and precise ways, speak with this man.

— Harold P.


To suggest that one might live a life from the soul implies that one also has the option to not live from soul.

In these challenging and exciting times, there are great temptations, incentives and threats to “go with the flow,” succeed (in cultural terms), and “not rock the boat” by aligning with what seems (or should seem) normal, healthy and good.

Sounds like a recipe for frustration and depression, to me.

The premise of my work is the antique idea that in order to pursue a life of whole-hearted engagement, purpose and meaning, one necessarily must cultivate the courage and willingness to make choices from the deepest truth one is capable of discerning. I call this truth the soul, life force, great silence, or deep somatic presence – the most fundamental, non-conditioned ground of our awareness. The “still, small voice” speaking.

“There is only one life you can call your own and a thousand others you can call by any name you want.”
David Whyte

For some, the thing that motivates us to want to live life from soul is a profound loss, defeat or perceived failure, or a string of such losses. In this place, it seems like the “only thing left to do” after all other avenues of retreat, denial, hope, avoidance and control have been heart-wrenchingly exhausted, potentially at great personal and relational expense.

For others, and in no less dramatic fashion, it can feel as if the only path that makes sense is the one from your own soul, and yet following that can feel mysterious, painfully difficult, or even impossible, given any number of obstacles, including cultural stigma (fear of being weird), personal demons (inner criticism, debilitating fear, addiction) and socio-economic realities.


“No one can prove there is a soul, but you’re really lost without it.”
Michael Meade

The work begins with the soul, and all the “parts” you brought into the world, both genetically and from your early and sustained conditioning. This “mandala,” or wholeness, is the complete manifest of your psyche (which we will continue to refine together as we work). It is your key to making profound, world-shifting – and lasting – change to your life. I will support, facilitate, reflect and celebrate you in seeing your life and your behavior through the lens of proactive, graceful, soul-directed choice.

When you get stuck, lost or confused – when a part takes over and you aren’t yet ready or able to see it or change it – I will challenge and support you to slow down and listen more deeply. Together we will meet the work, in you, and follow it wherever it authentically leads us.


“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks within, awakens.”
Carl Jung

Body-based inquiry has been a foundational component of my work and personal practice for over a decade. In our work together, I use guided meditation and deep imagery, including sensing, encountering and integrating themes, images and “parts” in the body.

Clients often experience profound shifts and “Ahah” moments when they locate, love and surrender to their embodied experience, often in the context of working with powerful emotions, debilitating thought patterns, and unknown energetic capabilities that seemingly have a power all their own.

The body is the deep basis of my group work with men as well. Learn more about that here.

Please be informed: I am not licensed or registered by the State of Colorado to offer professional psychotherapy, professional counseling or psychology.