Men’s Groups

You really listened and were with me fully. You heard me, you connected, you knew what I was talking about. You didn't project your own stuff, your own past on me. You were clean, you did your own work - by far the greatest thing.

— Craig Holliday


Men’s Groups with Pieter Van Winkle

For over 10 years I have gathered with groups of men in ritual space, as leader, participant, brother and friend. I have danced, grieved, sung, laughed, learned, healed and been healed. I have seen what works and what doesn’t, who shows up and who doesn’t, and which kinds of processes help and which don’t.

Men’s work with me is body-based, land-based, emergent and relational. What does that mean?

Body based means our work expands our capacity for pleasure and stretches our ability to hold discomfort. We return again and again to the sensate experience of being in a body, learning to release tension, claim our truth, and step into our depth of authentic, soul-rooted authority.

Land-based means we trust the sense of grounding we find in our connection to the earth, and we continually weave our relationship to place in order to inhabit our soul.

Emergent means that we work in the right now, with what is present. Again and again, we drop our stories, return to the present, and make space for what is.

Relational means much of our work is found in the space between us. Radical ownership means we are 100% committed to taking responsibility for what we experience, never blaming another man.

A lot of men need a men’s group and don’t know it. For some stretches of life, we require the council, wisdom and fierce witness of a group of committed brothers. Check out some upcoming opportunities to step into a men’s circle below…


New Ongoing Men’s Groups – Portland and Seattle

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