2019 Year-Long Brotherhood

2019 Year-Long Men’s Transformational Leadership Brotherhood

The 2019 Year-Long Men’s Transformational Leadership Brotherhood is more than a men’s group. It’s a crucible for personal growth, self-mastery, and cultural renaissance.

The Brotherhood is a community of heart-fully committed, highly motivated men setting out beyond the comforts of what we have known. We are a tribe of devoted fathers, wacky craftsmen, warriors, laborers, and broken-hearted lovers of the beautiful and the sacred, gathering to do something we know can only be done this way, in close men’s community.

Combining cutting edge relational tools with ancient techniques for spiritual discovery and embodiment, the Brotherhood is spaciously held on private land in Paonia, Colorado at a retreat space specifically constructed for the purpose of gathering men to do this potent work. In service of soul, all life and our collective renewal.


As a participant, you can expect to…

  • Thrive in a powerful feedback framework that supports and challenges you – never shames.
  • Grow your capacity to withstand hardship, maximize pleasure, and creatively manifest your life’s path.
  • Learn to master challenging emotions like lust, anger, fear, and sadness.
  • Free yourself from tasks and people that consistently drain you, while doubling down on all that brings you alive.
  • Live with more freedom – more consistently – than you ever thought possible.
  • Rely on a committed brotherhood that has your back, no matter what.


The 2019 Brotherhood includes…

  • Weekly group gatherings on private land with room to breathe, explore, scream, cry, relax and connect.
  • 2 Seasonal immersive retreats to hone your clarity and accelerate your path. *
  • Weekly buddy meetings to weave the support container and tighten accountability.
  • Regular time in nature and wilderness to deepen, connect and renew your calling.
  • 2 one-on-one mentoring sessions with Pieter, to stay soul-directed and on-point, with additional sessions available at a significantly reduced cost. *

The price of the 2019 YLMTLB is $1,595-$2,495, sliding scale. What this means is that you pay what you can within that range.

Payment plans (weekly, monthly or quarterly) and scholarships are available.

To inquire further, call Pieter at 206-743-4759, or use the contact form below.

An earlier, published version of this program included monthly one-on-one mentoring calls and 4 weekend retreats. I looked at the price as it stood and realized it would likely be prohibitive for the men I most want to work with. Therefore, I reduced the retreats from 4 to 2 (although one of those retreats will now be longer) and I am now including two one-on-one sessions, with additional sessions offered at a significantly reduced price for members of the group, regardless of pay rate. The price of these sessions can be further reduced through the purchase of packages. I believe the price of the program now reflects a fair and attainable exchange of energy while still ensuring a powerful individual and group experience.