Men’s Work Doesn’t Work

13 Aug, 2019

When a man first encounters “men’s” work – does an MKP retreat, reads a David Deida book – there’s a simultaneous tendency to bring more intensity to relating with women. As if the book and the talk and the seminar unleash a latent capacity in him and he feels more powerful, more potent, mor…Read More

Talk + Workshops in Carbondale

21 Mar, 2019

I gave a talk the other night in the Kiva at True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale, Colorado. It’s sweet for me to feel the relationship with that space and that valley grow. I feel a lovely kind of crush sparking inside me for new people and places, including the Roaring Fork. Even as I can feel…Read More

Following the Soul

01 Jul, 2018

Making sense of it all not analytically, but with a downward opening. Feeling in the dark, the next open room of context that makes sense of all the previous. Mostly just feeling right and most most of all feeling particular and specific. Deeply me, not from a long time ago, but honoring all that…Read More

What is Soul?

28 Apr, 2018

From the Soul-Tree Podcast with Ryan Holsapple

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Last advice I read

04 Apr, 2018

“I remind myself, in order to understand what is happening now, I must be prepared to forget what I have understood before.”
Dhyana KJ…Read More

My Last Facebook Post

23 Mar, 2018

This boy has a beautiful heart. His heart knows how to love.

You could even say his heart /knew/ how to love, even before he was born.

In the other world (the one we live in before we are born into this one), this boy spent all of his time loving things. Rocks, bugs, trees, people. He brea…Read More


25 Feb, 2018

Grief is the space between what you have and what you wish you had

21 Feb, 2018

Grief is the space between what you have and what you wish you had. It is a rite of life.

Gratitude is the space we make in ourselves in order to receive blessings. Write down what you’re grateful for.

Grace is blessing, and the source of blessing. You have no right to it, and yet you receiv…Read More

I love the way the night comes on slowly

09 Feb, 2018

The deer are already adjusted to it … they have the forest in their bodies … we were coming home from a long walk at dusk … me and the dog … i let her loose, she was eager to be off the leash … in only a moment, she was away, galloping … i knew after the deer, browsing in the yard … oh…Read More

Your present experience does not contain the full view

08 Feb, 2018

Your present experience does not contain the full view of all the prospects of becoming that are available to you in this moment.

Like rooms, you see only the door that obscures the realms beyond – shadowy, ecstatic, dull or transformative – no way to know.

Therefore, a proper mantra for this …Read More