25 Jun, 2016

What I desire
are the knowledges
of deep places.

The fast notes
of the brass flute,
cold and dry.

Like tusk and moon,
granite and stem,
pollen and polyp.

Make a hard thing
against my skin.
If I will not let things go

Then show me
they are not enough
– what I cling to –

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23 May, 2016

I came home the other day to find that all of these honey bees had gotten inside. They were buzzing up and down the large windows of the kitchen, trying to get out. Someone had left the back door open, and the nearby Hawthorne tree being in full bloom, some of them must have happened their way int…Read More


10 May, 2016

I am sitting outside, in the evening, enjoying a smoke after a long day.

My closed-up eye is bugging me (allergic reaction to comfrey – long story).

As the tobacco comes on, I look up at the sky and find a single star, and I hear myself ask this star for a message.

“Do you have anythi…Read More


03 May, 2016

How do we compete while staying true?
How do we keep up without losing our inner narrative?
How do we run without running away?
How do we stay relevant?

It seems to me that most of us are not setting the terms of our overall narrative. Most of us – myself included – are playing catchup. We…Read More


25 Apr, 2016

I am thinking of the ways we return to, the paths we beat daily with our foot steps. Whether we go for a morning jog, enjoy a cup of coffee by the window or outside the cafe, or spend those first minutes of the morning reading or meditating. These are the things we do that make us the people we …Read More


19 Apr, 2016

I have always felt like I’m special.

Maybe everyone does.

I mean, when we’re little, we’re all special little ones, aren’t we? It’s a beautiful thing.

I think I got my specialness from my Dad. He made me feel special in a particular way. He wrote me a long letter telling me how much h…Read More